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Doctor Gordon has been practicing addiction medicine ever since he opened a family practice in Madison, Wisconsin in 1971. What started as an interest became a full-time practice in 1981. Despite his years of evaluating and treating patients, he still says a week doesn't go by without encountering something he never heard or saw before. His current practice is a mix of patient evaluation, individual psychotherapy and medication management. He has always been interested in treating patients with addictions who also have coexisting psychiatric disorders. Psychiatric diagnoses most commonly encountered in his practice are depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, and personality disorders. Addictions treated include alcohol, drugs, and gambling. Sexual addicts can be evaluated and if appropriate, medication management is undertaken, but the patient will be referred to a specialist for therapy. The same is true of patients with eating disorders. Opioids are now the number one substance of abuse seen in the practice, having replaced alcohol which, for many years, was the most commonly seen addiction. Doctor Gordon only accepts patients aged 18 or older in his practice. His practice is entirely out-patient, but he can refer patients for in-patient detoxification or rehabilitation services as necessary.

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Michael Cowl Gordon, MD, graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Medicine in 1967. After three years of research, and one year of additional training in Pathology, he opened a practice of Family Medicine in 1971 in Madison, Wisconsin. His interest in Addiction Medicine was kindled shortly thereafter, and he became Medical Director of both in-patient and out-patient treatment services in 1974 at the Anderson Rehabilitation Hospital in Janesville, Wisconsin, with clinics also in Madison, Edgerton, and Beloit, Wisconsin.

In 1981 he closed his Family Medicine practice to work in the addiction field full-time. However, he maintained his Family Practice Board certification through 2003. In 1984 he moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area where he joined the Center for Psychiatry and the Brawner Psychiatric Institute. From 1986 to 1994 he directed the adult addiction medicine services at Brawner. In 1994 he went into the private practice of Addiction Medicine full-time, and joined the staff of the Ridgeview Institute. In order to devote his full energies to an out patient practice, he resigned from the Ridgeview medical staff in 2012. His office is conveniently located near the I-285/I-75 junction in Northwest Metro Atlanta. Doctor Gordon has been certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society for Addiction Medicine since 1987. He was given lifetime certification by the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2009.

Doctor Gordon lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife, Judy, and three cats, Ladybug, Jackson, and Shayna Maidel. He is the author of an award-winning novel, Autobiography of a Georgia Cat. For more information about Doctor Gordon's novel please visit www.georgiacat.com.