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We are located in the Lakeside Office Park section of the North by Northwest Office Park. While the North by Northwest office park has an entrance off of Windy Hill Road, we suggest you not go that way unless you already are familiar with the area. A better approach is off of Terrell Mill Road. Terrell Mill Road is the first traffic light north of Windy Hill Road when travelling on South Cobb Parkway (US Highway 41). Please note that our former location, South Cobb Drive, is an entirely different street than South Cobb Parkway. Once you have turned from South Cobb Parkway onto Terrell Mill Road, be looking for the Lakeside Office Park on your right. Once you turn in, we are in the first building on your right. If you miss the turn and get to the traffic light, turn right into the North by Northwest office park, and look on your right for the Lakeside Office Park. Once you turn into the Lakeside Office Park, we are in the first building on your left.

If you are travelling on Interstate 75, exit at Windy Hill Road. If coming from the north (towards Atlanta), turn right. If travelling from Atlanta, turn left. South Cobb Parkway (US 41) is about 1/2 mile. Turn right, go to the next light (Terrell Mill Road), and follow the directions above. If travelling on Interstate 285, you may either take Interstate 75 North to Windy Hill Road (the first exit north of 285), or you may exit off of 285 at South Cobb Parkway (US 41). In that case take South Cobb Parkway towards Marietta (away from Atlanta. Turn left if coming from the West, or right if coming from the east.)

If you are travelling down South Cobb Parkway from the north, turn left at Terrell Mill Road. Terrell Mill Road is 3.7 miles south of the Big Chicken.It is across South Cobb Parkway from Georgia Memorial Park, past the air field. It is also 1.7 miles north of Interstate 285. Once on Terrell Mill Road, look for a Walmart sign on the left. The entrance to Lakeside Office Park is directly across the street on the right. The sign reads "Lakeside Office Park - Buildings 1800-1830." If you miss this turn, go all the way to the light.

If you are travelling east on Windy Hill Road (from Smyrna or West Cobb) turn left when you get to South Cobb Parkway. Terrell Mill Road will be the first traffic light to the right after you turn.

Evening and weekend appointments are not available. New patient appointments can generally be made within 3 to 4 weeks, but occasionally a cancellation can open a time sooner. If we cannot schedule a patient in a timely fashion, we will make an effort to provide you with the names of other physicians who offer similar services. Please have all your paperwork completed and bring it with you for your first appointment. This will help us to serve you more quickly and efficiently.

There is a great deal of construction/road work in the area. Please allow extra time for arrival.